Verizon, Telefonica & ASPIDER-NGI IoT Panel

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Oracle moderated a lively IoT panel at the Industry Connect event in New York April 11, 2018. The panel covered a wide range of IoT topics viewed from leading MNOs and MVNEs. Topics hence ranged from network impact, to vendor business models, to security requirements, to Enterprise and OEM use cases. Overall, the panel described the IoT requirements as very different to the traditional voice wholesale models. Key differences exist in the technologies (5G and eSIM), and due to new commercial supply chain models. Discussions included the impact from large enterprise and OEM projects, the result being new business models to support multi-path billing. Lots of humor around the excessive pricing charged by most of the core vendors. Key quote: “IoT is all zero-rated” since old business models do not align well to IoT.

IoT Panel Members

The panel left to right: Dan Bantukul (Oracle), Thierry Sender (Verizon), David Traynor (ASPIDER-NGI) and Eduardo Guardincerri (Telefonica).

IoT Panel at OIC

Lively discussions on the IoT Panel

Get the ASPIDER-NGI IoT presentation from the Downloads page and select the IoT tab.

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    The presentation on Differentiated Mobile Services for IoT: Enterprise & OEM MVNOs is available on the Downloads page (and select the IoT tab).

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