We believe in delivering value to our Clients and to our staff – and part of the way that we do that is to foster values that challenge and innovate. Values that have concrete meanings to the way that we work.


Motivate People:

Getting things done is so much easier if we have clear purpose, and reward the extra mile.

Put Client first:

If our Clients don’t succeed, we fail. Client focus is paramount.

Think Scale:

It has to scale, not just in technical terms, but commercially & internationally, culture, currency…

Shave Occam:

The simplest approach is often the best, and elegance is not a replacement for efficiency.

Encourage Challenge:

Speak your mind on issues that you feel create significant value

Be Open:

Clarity in our communications, transparency in our pricing, openness in our thinking.

Show Leadership:

Take initiative and drive forward, play to people’s strengths.

Be Accountable:

Listen, understand and take responsibility.

Show Urgency:

Responsiveness is a way of life. Did is always better than will do.

Be Independent:

We must have the freedoms to choose, to allow our Clients the freedom and flexibility they expect.

Take Risks:

Trust and confidence to exercise personal judgement fosters innovation.