Our Strategy is to help companies access complex telecom systems by providing easy-to-use services that integrate into business-critical mobile applications.

ASPIDER-NGI is a privately held, global provider that offers as-a Service infrastructure for mobile access, applications, and connectivity services.  The company enables disruptive communication service development and provides voice, data and messaging integration. All services are on-demand, cloud-based solutions delivered via APIs or web interfaces. Our objective is to allow all organizations to easily and cost-effectively add mobile connectivity and application capabilities to extend their services.

We meet this objective by providing a virtualized communications capability. This capability can be integrated quickly, without investment in the complex protocols and services to connect to telecoms systems. We design innovative solutions to improve profitability for eSIM, MVNE, Content & IoT applications. We also provide the analytics to measure and manage the business performance. Our company delivers the solutions to MNOs, MVNEs & enterprise IoT channels based on a pay per use model that is OPEX centric.

The company has established itself by providing mobile solutions between the enterprise and the telecom worlds. This makes it easier for organizations to include mobile capabilities in their branded applications and services.