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ASPIDER-NGI Wins Innovation Award

Download   May 14, 2015 (351 times)

Cisco nominates ASPIDER-NGI to win the Business Innovation Award for Virtualising on demand ePC core.


Cloud Core

Download   March 16, 2015 (199 times)

ASPIDER-NGI Cloud Core provides MVNE infrastructure on-demand to manage wholesale and retail functions for Mobile Operators.


ASPIDER-NGI promotion drives Simpel acquisition rate

Download   March 2, 2015 (376 times)

ASPIDER-NGI completed a promotion for Simpel which yielded very significant growth in daily acquisition rates.


Carrier Billing Gateway for 2degrees

Download   February 19, 2015 (307 times)

ASPIDER-NGI is providing a ‘Carrier Billing Gateway’ to 2degrees Mobile NZ...


Billing and Charging

Download   February 4, 2015 (432 times)

Flexible online and offline charging and billing to provide real-time controls for postpaid, prepaid and hybrid solutions.


Common Services

Download   January 16, 2015 (425 times)

Service, Process, and Resource Management for all ASPIDER-NGI products.

Launch your MVNO & IoT projects faster with the control you need to manage your costs and improve efficiencies thru analysis of network usage.

ASPIDER-NGI has built a comprehensive set of solutions that get you connected and give you the control you need. Our solutions are built with carrier grade core network elements, fully integrated with back office OSS (Operational Support Systems) and BSS (Business Support Systems).

The solutions provide MVNE infrastructure on-demand to manage wholesale and retail functions for Operators and Corporates. The core includes the network core with full support for 2G, 3G and 4G interconnects and access with real-time rating & routing controls, CDR generation for all types of traffic. Optional dedicated instance provides full control of GT and Data traffic with session, IP and APN flexibility, and direct access to balance management functions for wallet control.


  • for MNOs to manage wholesale delivery to their clients
  • for MVNEs to provide cost effective core control
  • for MVNOs to allow “full MVNO” connectivity
  • for IoT platforms for control of data services
  • for Enterprises for private mobile networks

The solutions are structured into three key components: Core Network, Billing & Charging, and Global Connect.

Get infrastructure on demand for cloud core network components. From standalone services like Voice Mail (with Visual voicemail and alerts) to a complete core network for 2G, 3G or 4G… you choose.

ASPIDER-NGI Billing & Charging allow you to rate and charge events in real-time, giving you and your end-users more control over their services to limit exposure. Manage the complete chain including rating, charging, invoicing and payment handling.

The solution handles pre-paid, post-paid and hybrid services tailored to MVNO, M2M and IoT application.

ASPIDER-NGI Global Connect provides SIMs and airtime access in addition to services that provide control of MSISDNs, IMSIs, ICCIDs, Short Codes and Global Titles. Multi-IMSI support is available with distribution, auto-selection, and tooling to manage multi-accounts. SMPP, APN, VPN and IP management allow integrated routing and security for private networks.