IoT Solutions

Get global access for your IoT initiatives to provide you the control of connectivity with the insight to manage behavior.

Create your own connectivity products, control and own your own SIM cards and profiles. Get access to global wholesale data plans. Embed secure communication and authentication into your IoT design.

Did you ever think of becoming a virtual operator yourself, instead of reselling third party connectivity propositions? Do you want to be able to switch your operator, without a need for a SIM SWAP? You want to embed mobile connectivity into your product, without knowing if it will ever be used? Get in touch with ASPIDER-NGI and get control of your connections with multi-operator wholesale connectivity. eSIMs and real-time management of data streams that put you in the driving seat.

Global multi-operator wholesale connectivity

ASPIDER-NGI enables your IoT initiatives with operator independent carrier grade global, regional and local wholesale connectivity for your cellular IoT solutions. Our IoT wholesale connectivity services allow you to simply manage and control all your IoT solutions through one easy and transparent pane of glass. A standardized multi-operator eSIM gives a seamless local and global mobile network experience via the most reliable voice, SMS, 2G, 3G and 4G network services.

eSIM IoT Insurance

To protect your valuable IoT investments, offer the ASPIDER-NGI investment protection solution. This solution enables you to switch mobile operator, without the need to switch the physical SIM-card. By using GSMA standardized eSIM, we enable a secure and guaranteed remote transfer to another mobile operator. ASPIDER acts as the independent third party. We deliver a multi-operator SIM with coverage on ~600 operators, including bootstrap profile and primary mobile connectivity operator profiles. Our bootstrap profile is be supported by a special multi-IMSI applet designed to guarantee global connectivity. Avoid being locked-in and protect your IoT investment with our operator independent eSIM IoT safeguard solution.


Becoming a virtual operator yourself instead of using or reselling operator subscription is a viable alternative for any company needing large amounts of mobile connections. Typical customers for this solution are: M2M connectivity resellers, OTT players, OEM manufacturers, large corporates and system integrators. The benefits of becoming your own MVNO allow increased margins and control. We offer a virtual MVNO solution with all necessary components to become a full MVNO. Ranging from business case consultancy to Telco number registration to all the carrier grade core network elements. Our Telco and IT-solutions are modularly built with, fully integrated back office – and Business Support Systems. The mobile core fully supports 2G, 3G and 4G, Postpaid and prepaid rating & control, CDR generation for all types of traffic. Multi-IMSI support is available with distribution, auto-selection, and tooling to manage multi-accounts. SMPP, APN, VPN and IP management allow integrated control and security for private networks. Integration with our standardized API allows for easy integration with your business critical operational processes and provides you with fully automated insight and control into and over the application you use.

IoT eConnect

IoT eConnect is a packaged provisioning and SIM management solution that gives you the control you want with simplicity and reliability – without the usual technical and contractual lock-ins.  Get your free 3 eSIM starter kit here: