ASPIDER-NGI has evolved to drive and intercept the new wholesale mobile models – models enabled by the regulators and the industry as a whole.   One of our key goals is to productize and promote the new models and technologies to give our clients more control for their mobile connectivity.

Deregulation opened markets but operators still controlled the entire stack – wholesale was almost viewed a reseller channel.
Operators opened up wholesale services and allowed the MVNO to controlled their own OSS & BSS: “Lite MVNO” connectivity.
As wholesale services evolved, MVNEs started providing core infrastructure to allow “Full MVNO” connectivity.
The evolution to eSIM allows MVNEs, MVNOs and Enterprises to take control of the SIM profiles and the SIM applications – even more control of wholesale access.
More spectrum is allocated to allow use of new frequencies that can be controlled by the Enterprise – like NB IoT.

Our overall growth for MVNO vs Device counts directly on our core shows how our business has evolved in terms of human vs machine use (note that these numbers exclude the approx 6M subscribers that use our content services). Note that our device count surpassed our MVNO count around the end of 2014, with higher growth rates and higher transactional volumes.

Over the past 15 years we have built our business through partnerships and a series of M&A transactions to extend our reach, and to strengthen our staff and achieve innovation in our technology and thinking.