Manage your SIMs for Corporate Mobile Networks to increase carrier independence and deliver your applications directly to the eSIM.

Change your mobile communication telephony business without the need for a SIM swap. Using GSMA standardized eSIM solutions, you can remotely manage and change your operator subscriptions. Embed security and authentication into your IoT design. Using accredited Secure Element and PKI solutions to take control over access and secure transmission.

eSIM open standards:

The ASPIDER-NGI eSIM (or eUICC) is functionally identical to the traditional removable SIM. Our solutions supports several form factors from the traditional plug-in (2FF-mini SIM, 3FF-micro SIM, 4FF-nano SIM) to the soldered form factors (MFF2 QFN8) and softSIM (software). Our eSIM is fully interoperable with any type of mobile network, any SIM manufacturer and any device. The ASPIDER-NGI eSIM Solutions are compliant with the open standards as set by the GSMA eSIM specification and eSIM Remote Provisioning Architecture. Look for the GSMA eSIM logo to make sure your products are compliant.

Your last SIM swap ever!

The ASPIDER-NGI eSIM Solutions allow you to change your operator during your device life-cycle. We use secure and reliable remote provisioning (‘over the air’) to install and manage operator profiles without a SIM swap. We give you full control to install, activate, deactivate, change and delete profiles on your eSIMs. ASPIDER-NGI transition team will assist you in the on-boarding of our eSIM solution and managing operator profiles as part of your business critical processes. You have the tools to decide on the appropriate mobile operator profile for your device, anytime and anywhere.

Always-on global connectivity

ASPIDER-NGI eSIMs allow for the provisioning of multiple subscriptions on the device. You are free to bring your own operator profile or use an ASPIDER-NGI profile. ASPIDER-NGI factory loaded bootstrap allows for the initial global connectivity, at first activation or during transition to your chosen mobile subscription. Our bootstrap profile will automatically function as a fallback recovery service in order to sustain connectivity in case of problems with the active operator profile. A special multi-IMSI applet on our eSIM supports our bootstrap profile designed to provide guaranteed global connectivity.

Control via ownership

Our eSIM is fully interoperable with any type of mobile network, any SIM manufacturer and any device. We place ownership and control of the eSIMs in the hands of our clients. Via subscription and SIM resource management, we facilitate our clients with the secure generation, storage and management of eSIM profiles and the associated authentication and keys. You own the SIM, so you can manage it according to your business needs.

Deploy your apps to the eSIM

With eSIM, it’s your SIM, and you have full control of the profiles, security and SIM applications. This means you can put your apps in the eSIM instead of the firmware, and your apps have direct access to the authentication and encryption elements on the SIM to strengthen security and to build better solutions for access control and identity management.

eSIM Domain Diagram
Profile Domain: this is where the profiles are stored for specific operators.
Bootstrap Profile: this is the profile that is used for initial connectivity (before any operator profiles are added) and for fallback.
Operator Profiles: these are the profiles that are remotely added for specific operators
Operator Profiles: can be special profiles that also include things like wifi authentication
Application Domain: this is where the applications are stored
Applications: …these can be secure element functions for encryption or authentication
Applications: …these can be STK apps for a wide variety of apps, from near field communications, to multi profile Wifi authentication, to location services, to….
Keys: …and each application has its own keys – so you can delegate control of only specific apps