Telecompaper Article: eSIM adoption gains momentum across industries

By August 9, 2017eSIM, IoT

eSIM adoption gains momentum across industries: Maarten van Vliet, Telecompaper reviews eSIM adoption , importance and status. 


“The eSIM is ideally suited to the Internet of Things.” says David Traynor, CMO at ASPIDER-NGI. “Much depends also on the market and application: automotive connectivity has very different requirements for eSIMs than providing connectivity to international travelers. It is therefore important that the industry thinks more about the evolution of standards. It is not just about operator selection, but about enterprise ownership and control of the applications on the SIM card.”  

Download the full article from Telecompaper below.

With eSIM, it’s your SIM, and you have full control of the profiles, security and SIM applications. This means you can put your apps in the eSIM instead of the firmware, and your apps have direct access to the authentication and encryption elements on the SIM to strengthen security and to build better solutions for access control and identity management. Click to see interactive eSIM schematic and scroll to foot of that page.


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