Content & VAS Solutions

Add new revenue streams to your existing subscriber base thru innovative content & VAS and community solutions that build loyalties, reduce churn and make your customers happy.

Operators can generate new revenue streams from content & VAS delivery, and boost loyalty from integration into payment services and social networks

Your subscribers don’t just have a phone, they have a communications device that can deliver content & VAS from sports to shopping… and they can promote their loyalty to you directly on Facebook and Twitter. Subscribers can use their device with integrated payment services for retail, or allow charges to be placed directly on their phone account.

Content & VAS Delivery

Deliver addicting content & VAS to your subscribers. From football news via SMS to relevant offers for bonuses or bundles. Or just coupons or points from your sponsors to promote brand awareness and purchases. Engage your customers that drive adiction, spread the word and generate new revenue.


Subscribers demand solutions that help them help their friends and families. With pay-4-me and bill-2-me requests, subscribers can make sure that they can get the services they need with easy payment allocation. And it is not just payment for mobile services: with direct carrier billing, subscribers can pay for items in Google Play, and can send money or vouchers with the security needed to protect transactions and ensure that the money is used for the right things.

Social Integration

Get your customers to spread the word with integration into Twitter and Facebook. Reward their promotion with shared bundles between friends to increase loyalty and reduce churn. Use referrals to reduce acquisition costs and allow your customers to generate interest and excitement for your brand.