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March 29, 2017 in eSIM, MVNE


March 29 2017, ASPIDER-NGI to present at MVNO World Congress on Prepaid MVNO applications and the importance of eSIM. This event is being held at the Acropolis in Nice, France from April…

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March 2, 2017 in charging, Enterprise, eSIM, IoT, MVNE

ASPIDER-NGI Presenting IoT & eSIM Charging

ASPIDER-NGI invited to present on charging at the Oracle Industry Connect event in Orlando 20-22 Mar 2017. David Traynor will be discussing impacts on charging for the new generation of applications for critical…

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We deliver solutions to help many MVNOs build their brand… and to MVNEs

Below are some examples of how and why our clients use our services.

Retail MVNO

Postmobile needed to rebrand and reposition their offerings. Michael Ahern at Postmobile said it best:

“ASPIDER-NGI have been very responsive in helping us get Postmobile launched in an extremely short timeframe. We had the concept of a range of compelling and competitive offers and ASPIDER-NGI expertise helped us develop these into Customer propositions.”

International MVNO

This Client needed to be able to get wholesale access to airtime, but take control of the international long distance (ILD) and avoid paying $1 per minute for calls. And they didn’t want funky SIM controls or ask the subscriber to dial weird access numbers. We delivered the automatic routing of ILD via SIP to their chosen termination partner, and automatically did the rating (typically at 1c per minute).

Operator MVNE for Second brands

T-Mobile needed a replacement for their in-house MVNE platforms to support their MVNOs and second brands. They came to us to get the brands online without disturbing their retail operations. We delivered call control interoperability, SMPP and complete wholesale and retail billing to solve the need.

MVNE Services for MVNEs

This many sound strange… but some of our clients are actually MVNEs. This Client needed real-time interconnect control to their operators, with true real-time call control, rating and routing. We provided the core services and a series of billing components to help them manage their customers, and manage their operators.

Wholesale MVNO

Forbesfone needed an MVNE that could provide access to multiple operators with multiple profiles and multiple IMSIs. We delivered a complete core system and integrated into their own authentication and their own SIM STK applications for auto location updates… and provided direct HLR access to verify location.

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