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March 2, 2017 in charging, Enterprise, eSIM, IoT, MVNE

ASPIDER-NGI Presenting IoT & eSIM Charging

ASPIDER-NGI invited to present on charging at the Oracle Industry Connect event in Orlando 20-22 Mar 2017. David Traynor will be discussing impacts on charging for the new generation of applications for critical…

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February 14, 2017 in eSIM, IoT

Teraki to use ASPIDER-NGI eSIM eConnect to embed data reduction capability

Teraki to use ASPIDER-NGI eSIM eConnect to embed data reduction capability The Netherlands, Feb 14, 2017: ASPIDER-NGI, a leading provider of MVNE, IoT, eSIM and content solutions, today announced the…

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We deliver solutions to many IoT players from connectivity enablers, to application enablers, to M2M developers.

Below are some examples of how and why our clients use our services.

Dedicated Core

To manage millions of connections to a variety of carriers, Wyless needed full control of HLR, IN and GGSN functions. Our core network components of our MVNE Solutions provided the infrastructure, and our SIM Solution components gave them the control they need.

Messaging Relay

This Client needed MSISDNs and to control the routing for A2P and P2A messaging for their customers. We delivered a core routing solution that directs all traffic to their systems and allows selection of the terminating operator based on Global Title and traffic type.

Managed Core

The Client did not want to replace their IN and real-time rating engines for a large automotive project. They came to ASPIDER-NGI  and we delivered a virtual instance of the IN with full management of the platform and services. 


This Client needed to be able to support Multi-IMSI in the network core to be able to tie multiple IMSIs to the same account, with sophisticated rating and charging. We provided the core with a series of controls to allow cross operator rating, with common account and subscription management across IMSIs, MSISDNs and tarrifs.

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