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November 22, 2018 in eSIM, IoT, Partner

Comgate and ASPIDER-NGI collaborate on eSIM

The Netherlands, Nov 22 2018. Comgate announced they have entered a new partnership with ASPIDER-NGI to deliver all the benefits of the eSIM for their customers. In this partnership, ASPIDER-NGI…

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May 7, 2018 in eSIM, IoT

ASPIDER-NGI adds European eSIM Profile under €10/GByte for IoT eConnect

New eSIM profiles with preferred European eSIM coverage under €10 per GByte – global coverage from 575 operators. The Netherlands, May 7, 2018. ASPIDER-NGI, announced new European eSIM profiles for…

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Our Clients use our SIM solutions increase their flexibility and increase their control.

Below are some examples of how and why our clients use our services.

Corporate eSIM

Faced with fluctuating operator rates, this corporate client needed eSIM solutions to manage tariffs and to reduce the headaches of SIM management. We delivered a subscription profiling tool with the control over their own SIMs and the applets onboard.

eSIM Embedded Applications

Teraki wanted to deploy their data reduction application by putting it in an eSIM. “ASPIDER-NGI eSIM enables us to control which carrier we use and provides a platform independent solution that helps our clients deploy much faster…”Daniel Richart of Teraki.

eSIM Security Applications

Maurice van den Akker, head of Product Management Network Services at SURFnet.

“…our focus is on specific security-related functionality on the eSIM for education and research institutions. We also believe that ownership of our own SIM yields many more opportunities” he continued. “This includes the integration of multiple mobile and wireless architectures. The eSIM will help us provide seamless access to our high end research infrastructure, for students, lecturers and researchers.”


Forbesfone (Worldfone) needed to be able to support Multi-IMSI in the network core to be able to tie multiple IMSIs to the same account, with sophisticated rating and charging. We provided the core with a series of controls to allow cross operator rating, with common account and subscription management across IMSIs, MSISDNs and tariffs.

STK applications

This client wanted to use STKs to perform call control when roaming (so that calls would work the same way as if the subscriber was on their home network). We delivered a solution to route and steer calls via the network AND via the SIM that means people never need to call access numbers.

SIM Profile management

Managing profiles was top of this enabler’s list. We delivered an integrated solution that combines SIM profiles, with HLR profiles, with rating profiles, with GGSN/PGw profiles to provide a complete solution that controls the service delivered to the subscriber/device – even down to data session and SMS routing settings (and lots of other settings too).

SIM Profiles

Clay Telecom wanted to take control of the SIMs, with short digit dialing, STKs… even down to the graphic artwork and ICCID selection and placement. Little things can mean a lot and we helped them get it done in record time.

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