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June 20, 2016 in Content & VAS, MVNE

ASPIDER-NGI acquires technology from eServGlobal

ASPIDER-NGI adds content, messaging and notification technology to extend MVNE and IoT position. Boston and the Netherlands, June 20, 2016: ASPIDER-NGI, a leading provider of MVNE, IoT, content and connectivity…

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February 19, 2015 in Content & VAS, MVNE

ASPIDER-NGI delivers Carrier Billing to 2degrees

19 Feb 2015 | ASPIDER-NGI delivers Carrier Billing Gateway to 2degrees Netherlands & New Zealand: Feb 19, 2015 – ASPIDER-NGI, a leading MVNE, announced the supply of integrated carrier billing…

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Clients use us to help content build their revenue.. and loyalty.

Below are some examples of how and why our clients use our services.

Football Fan Club

In many countries, subscribers do not have the phones or coverage to use the web for content delivery, Orange came to us to solve their need. We delivered a SMS and USSD based content delivery system that provides all their subscribers with up-to-date scores and commentary of football leagues around the world (“soccer” for you Americans). The result, happier customers and more cheering when Yaya scores a goal.

Google Play Integration

Needing to boost revenue, 2Degrees asked us to provide a link to popular online marketplaces. We added direct carrier billing so that their customers could “put it on their operator bill”. We also added Google play integration to buy stuff directly with the charges taken from the balance on their phone. Another spin on “pay-by-phone”… one of the easiest we think.

Social Integration

2Degrees needed an innovative way to get subscribers to promote the service to their friend and family. We delivered personal referrals to help protect and grow the subscriber base, provided linkage to Twitter and helped with a campaign to drive adoption and rewards

Pay for someone else…

Orange Egypt wanted to engage their clients. We delivered a “Pay for My Community” service that allows people to pay for their friends’ calls to specific people. So a mother can pay for a relative to call the grandma, or a uncle can send a top-up to their niece. The overall solution builds community, delivers value to subscribers, and generates revenue for Orange.

Micro Loans

Churn is a key concern for all operators, and this one needed a way to improve retention for clients that run out of balance (but can’t get to a top-up). We delivered the mechanism via USSD and SMS so that subscribers can borrow a small amount to continue to use their phone. And pay it back later. Is this a micro loan or trust? – either way it reduced attrition.

SEPA Payments

With increasing need to support pan European payment mechanisms, Simpel, a large European MVNO needed to integrate SEPA payments into their subscriber applications… and that is exactly what we did.

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