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Comgate and ASPIDER-NGI collaborate on eSIM - ASPIDER-NGI

Comgate and ASPIDER-NGI collaborate on eSIM

By November 22, 2018eSIM, IoT, Partner

The Netherlands, Nov 22 2018. Comgate announced they have entered a new partnership with ASPIDER-NGI to deliver all the benefits of the eSIM for their customers. In this partnership, ASPIDER-NGI is the eSIM and mobile network technology partner, while Comgate manages implementation with customer business processes.

eSIM is a future-proof SIM Card

The eSIM is a future-proof SIM card, the most important function is to exchange mobile operators without having to change the SIM. This makes the SIM swaps a thing of the past. This is particularly important for hard-to-access devices spread over a wide geographic area, where replacement of SIM cards is not an option. With the eSIM you prevent operator lock-in and you keep control over your connectivity and decide which operators you want.

Comgate IoT Specialist

Comgate is a specialist in connectivity for IoT solutions. With knowledge and experience, the company focuses on the implementation of IoT connectivity in the customer’s business processes. By combining the technical solutions with commercial flexibility, Comgate ensures optimal implementation and integration of IoT applications.

“We have opted for this collaboration because Comgate is able to use the technical capabilities of the eSIM to drastically improve the business processes of companies and organizations. “It is precisely this flexibility, know-how and excellent support that are very important in the connectivity market”, according to Rogier van Leeuwen, VP Corporate Development at ASPIDER-NGI.

Boban Vukicevic Managing Director of Comgate:

“The cooperation with ASPIDER-NGI is a logical step for us.  “They have the GSMA compliant eSIM and their own mobile core infrastructure. This gives us access to many technical possibilities, including changing a profile on a SIM card over the air. This means that changing SIM cards is a thing of the past, especially in hard-to-access devices or devices that are delivered across several countries. We offer our customers control, ownership and flexibility in connectivity”.


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