ASPIDER-NGI adds European eSIM Profile under €10/GByte for IoT eConnect

By May 7, 2018eSIM, IoT

New eSIM profiles with preferred European eSIM coverage under €10 per GByte – global coverage from 575 operators.

The Netherlands, May 7, 2018. ASPIDER-NGI, announced new European eSIM profiles for IoT eConnect. The new profiles provide preferred coverage across Europe at under €10 per GByte. Get your free starter kit at:

European & Global

The new profiles also include global coverage from 575 operators with full control of coverage options. These rates provide usage pooling across devices to avoid the breakage lock-ins of the old voice-based sales models. These profiles are also available as donor profiles for clients to load into their own eSIMs.

GSMA Compliant

This release includes a fully GSMA compliant eSIM that includes support for multiple profiles. The supplied bootstrap is a multi-IMSI profile from multiple Tier 1 operators. “Out of the box this delivers 4G data European eSIM connectivity at under €10 per GByte. “And we include full usage pooling and full connectivity control.” stated Rogier van Leeuwen, VP of IoT Product at ASPIDER-NGI. “Having a competitive bootstrap profile preloaded on the eSIM allows clients to jump-start their IoT projects and reduce complexity of profile selection.”

“Not only do eSIMs help our clients avoid SIM swaps, clients are also using our bootstrap to meet their 2G, 3G and 4G connectivity needs.” continued Rogier. “Our eSIM also gives clients the option to load their own profiles from their operator partners, and still retain the flexibility and control they need.”

The eSIMs are available in a wide range of formats including MFF sizes. The eSIMs include GSMA compliant subscription management and hence have integrated over the air management of the profiles and IMSIs. “Our eSIM Connectivity Hub allowed us to be one of the first to release eSIMs to the industry.” added Jan Mooijman, CEO at ASPIDER-NGI.

“We are continuously improving the global coverage of IoT eConnect. “We will therefore be adding more and more profiles before the end of the year to satisfy the needs for a wide range of IoT projects including Enterprise and OEM applications.” Continued Rogier. “In the coming months we plan to extend our global LTE coverage. “We will also provide more eUICC control options including remote application management on our clients’ eSIMs.”

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