IoT Solutions

loT Solutions

Get global access for your loT initiatives to provide you the control of connectivity with the insight to manage the behavior of your application.

eSIM Solutions

eSIM Solutions

Manage your SIMs for Corporate Mobile Network to increase carrier independence and insurance against rate changes in global connectivity.

MVNE Solutions

MVNE Solutions

Loyalty starts with offers that deliver value to your customers, and with the services & touch to delight and reinforce their passion for your brand.

Content & VAS Solutions

Content & VAS Solutions

Add new revenue streams to your existing subscriber base thru innovative content & VAS offers that build loyalties that reduce churn.

ASPIDER-NGI is an operator independent company providing connectivity allowing you to build and control your own mobile solutions. We build, support and operate innovative MVNO and IoT platforms. We provide the network and expertise you need to disrupt your market, and deliver with the flexibility and agility operators do not provide.
Instant access to connectivity:

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Many clients use our solutions to meet a wide variety of applications:


Manage connections to wholesale airtime for MVNO, IoT & Corporate initiatives.


Control your eSIM deployments for enterprise applications and IoT projects.


Build your mobile brands with rapid deployment and value added services.


Deliver new revenue streams from payment, content & VAS and social integration.

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News / Blog

14-02-2017 | Teraki to use ASPIDER-NGI eSIM eConnect to embed data reduction capability

ASPIDER-NGI delivers eSIM eConnect to support Teraki OEM solutions to automotive OEMs & Manufacturers

20-01-2017 | ASPIDER-NGI at World eSIM Event

eSIM: The Biggest Telecom Revolution supports Enterprise & IoT applications.

06-12-2016 | 6 Dec 2016 | ASPIDER-NGI in BTG Release on eSIM Deployments

eSim: The biggest telecom revolution since mobile data



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